nature connectedness

at nature’s pace

Reignite your curiosity, wonder and awe at the natural world to lead you – and nature – to health and happiness, through nature connectedness adventures and escapes.


you to the natural world


your natural


mind, body –
and nature


you to the natural world


your natural spirit


mind, body –
and nature

What if you could have a life with...

  • More happiness
  • Great health
  • Less stress and anxiety
  • A calmer, more resilient mind and a stronger body
  • More meaning, purpose and satisfaction
  • A child-like sense of wonder and fun
  • Senses alive to land and sky, water and woods and wildlife
  • A world that’s a better place for nature and people?
“Ruth taught us all about how to really make the most of your time spent in nature. Plus all of the reasons why it is so very good for you!” - Nicky M.

Sounds good? no it sounds great!

Let’s go together on fun, fascinating, and inspiring adventures and escapes amidst the spectacular landscapes of the Lake District and Yorkshire Dales.

  • discover ways to reconnect with the wonder of nature.
  • improve your health and well-being by rewilding your natural spirit.
  • deepen your commitment to care for and restore the natural world, your mind and body.

Take away the tools to rebalance your relationship with the natural world and be inspired to share them with your family, friends, and communities.

“Please, if you get the opportunity, book on one of Ruth's events - you will not be disappointed!" - Fiona G.

nature \ ˈnā-chər
the physical world and everything in it such as plants, animals, mountains, seas, stars, weather [and we humans]

a feeling of belonging or affinity

Upcoming adventures & escapes

Summer solstice noctilucent clouds Keswick

at nature’s pace


Let’s Go!
Guided Walk at Kentmere Reservoir

at nature’s pace

Guided walks with a twist amongst the spectacular fells of the Lake District. Giving you the chance to reconnect with nature, rewild your natural spirit and restore mind, body and soul.

Let’s Go!
Looking through the trees in the Lake District

FOREST BATHE (Shinrin-Yoku)
at nature’s pace

Explore the science of Forest Bathing and discover how the magic of woodlands can bring you health and happiness.

Let’s Go!
“Cherish the natural world, because you’re a part of it and you depend on it.”
Sir David Attenborough

Need a pick me up?

Take a look at the nature gallery to boost your mood, reduce stress, and improve your well-being.

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Looking for inspiration?

Keep learning is one of the 5 Pathways to well-being so visit the nature repository to explore nature connected reading and recommendations to engage, inspire and educate.

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