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at nature’s pace adventures and escapes combine two fabulous frameworks to reignite your curiosity, wonder and awe at the natural world and lead you – and nature – to health and happiness.

» The 5 Pathways to Nature Connectedness
» The 5 Pathways to Well-Being

Five is clearly the magic number! Through gently guided activities that are fun and fascinating, practical and accessible, you’ll gain the tools to take nature connectedness back into your daily life and to share them with family, friends and community.

The five pathways to nature connectedness: senses, emotions, beauty, meaning, compassion

The 5 pathways to nature connectedness

Igniting your curiosity, awe and wonder at nature through connecting with all of your senses: sight, touch, sound, smell and even taste. What do you notice?

Opening yourself up to notice, welcome and appreciate your emotional bond with nature and sharing your feelings with others. How does being in nature make you feel?

Taking time to find and appreciate the beauty in nature and engaging with it through art, words or music. What can you create?

Discovering the signs and cycles of nature and exploring how the natural world creates meaningful experiences that resonate with and enrich your life. What symbolism does nature hold for you?

Compassion and Care for Nature
Being inspired from your time spent connecting with nature to take actions that are good for the natural world, and good for you. What can you do for nature?

(The 5 Pathways to Nature Connectedness were developed by the University of Derby.)


“You can’t force people to care about the natural environment, but if you encourage them to connect with it, they just might.”
Jennifer Nini

The 5 pathways to well-being

Spending time with others, building relationships, talking and listening; we humans are social creatures. We’re also part of the natural world. Connecting with others whilst we’re in nature reaps even greater benefits.

Be Active
Walking, cycling, running, swimming. Our bodies need exercise to stay strong and healthy. Research shows the benefits are greater still, for body and mind, when you’re active amongst the green and blue spaces of nature.

Take Notice
Being aware of the world around you. Pausing to savour the moment, to relax and be mindful. Make noticing nature, its beauty, how it makes you feel and what it means to you, a part of your daily ritual.

Keep Learning
Learning something new builds self-confidence, self-esteem and a sense of purpose. Our brains, like our bodies, need exercising. Exploring new things in nature, or rediscovering your childhood passions, keeps your mind healthy.

Give to Others
Acts of kindness towards others make us feel good and the effects ripple out to benefit our friends, families and communities. Doing something good for nature and wildlife gives our lives a sense of purpose, meaning and satisfaction and helps create a healthier planet. 

“Nature itself is the best physician.”
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