Women's Fire Circle

For women, the ancient practice of gathering together in circle, was a chance to reconnect, reflect and share our life stories and wisdoms without expectation or judgement or pressure.

It is a deep-rooted practice that we can (should!) reclaim and rediscover. A sacred space removed from the demands of the outside world.

Gathering round fire for warmth, comfort and conversation is a primal and powerful part of our human experience. Fire has always made us feel better.

The Women’s Fire Circle melds together the magic of gathering round the warmth of the flames with the supportive power of our collective, feminine spirit.

It’s a place to take a couple of hours away from the busyness and pressures of the everyday and use it whatever way you please.

A place to share, to talk, to listen, to laugh (or cry).

A place to be silent.

A place to immerse yourself in the healing power of nature.

A place to simply gaze at the flames if that is what you need.

A place to drink tea and eat cake.

A space to come together with other women just as you are.

Monthly Women’s Fire Circles take place amidst the gorgeous woodland of the National Trust Footprint near Windermere, generally around the time of the Full Moon, Equinoxes and Solstices.

Tapping into the influence of the seasons, circles may include meditation, creating, a little breathwork and gentle movement or simply a lovely get together and natter around the fire. In the warmer months, I’ll be combining Women’s Fire Circles with an optional wild swim first.

There will always be homemade cake and tea! x


Women's Circle
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