Wild Wellbeing

Experience the therapeutic effects of deep-time spent in focused nature activity on one of our Wild Wellbeing offerings.

Reconnect with the natural, healing power of nature.
Rewild and restore your mind, body and spirit and take away tools for wellbeing, for life.

Forest Bathing

Nature Mindfulness & Meditation

Nature Connection

Creative Wellbeing: Nature Art/Nature Doodling/Green Sketching

Women’s Fire Circle

Wild Women Escapes

Nature Mandala

As humans, many of us have an instinctive awareness and understanding that spending time in nature, hiking the hills, wandering through woodlands, taking a wild swim, soaking up a sunset or listening to birdsong makes us feel happier and less stressed.

But for many, in this fast-paced, digital world, we have become disconnected from nature leaving us feeling anxious, over-stretched and unwell.

There is now a growing body of robust academic research proving that real, physiological changes take place in our bodies and minds when we spend time truly connecting with nature through focused activity.

And that’s exciting news. Because it means we can find our way to good health through Wild Wellbeing.

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