The magic of nature connectedness

Imagine if there was a miracle treatment – a blue and green pill say – that could do all this:

  • reduce your stress and anxiety
  • increase your immunity
  • lower your blood pressure
  • improve your moods
  • make your mind calmer and more resilient and your body stronger
  • give your life more meaning, purpose and satisfaction
  • inspire your commitment to care for the natural world

Once upon a time when we were children, we felt a magical sense of fascination experiencing the natural world around us. Green leaves, mossy logs, sparkling frost, babbling brooks; wind and rain and sunshine on our faces.

Then we grew up. Life got in the way. We got busy and we got jobs. We got families and mortgages and too many things to do.

Modern life costs more than money. Its pace hurts our minds and our bodies, and it hurts nature. It disconnects us more than ever from the natural world that was once so, well, natural to us. And there’s a term for this.

It’s called Nature Deficit Disorder.
But amazingly, a miracle treatment does exist.
It’s called Nature Connectedness.

And it’s found – and scientifically proven – not in a pill, but in the blue spaces and green places that are all around you.

Nature is vital. It’s your life system and you can’t survive without it. Think of it like this: people don’t question whether fish need a river, birds the sky or apes the forest, to survive and thrive – yet people want evidence that humans need nature!

Simply put, nature connectedness is good for nature – and great for you!
“Adopt the pace of nature. Her secret is patience.”
Ralph Waldo Emerson
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