How does nature make you feel?

  • The sight of a blood-orange sunset, stars twinkling in an ink-black sky, red squirrels scampering.
  • The touch of ice-cold water on your skin, the caress of warm sun on your face, soft grass under your feet.
  • The sound of sweet birdsong, ripples of water, wind rustling leaves.
  • The smells of damp earth after rain, pine-green forests, wild garlic beneath the trees.
  • The taste of fresh-foraged blackberries, crystal-clear mountain air, salty sea spray on your lips.

Nature connectedness means more than just spending time in nature. It isn’t just about visiting nature or learning facts and figures.

Academic research tells us we need to develop a deeper level of connectedness or ‘kinship’ with nature for our own well-being, and that of the natural world.

Nature Connectedness is about moments, not minutes. Tuning in, not zoning out.

It’s rooted in science and research which proves brilliantly impressive gains for your mental and physical health by developing and strengthening your connections with the world wide web of living things.

Let’s get you back your child-like sense of fun and wonder at the world around you. Using a wealth of activities and ways of interacting with the natural world we can show you how to deepen your connection to nature.

Nature connectedness means being active and engaged, using all of your senses, noticing and observing, being curious and questioning, tuning in to your emotions, recognising feelings of sameness, affinity, relatedness, belonging, interconnectedness and wholeness.

Playing out in nature is for adults too!
Is it for me?

It’s for all of us and everything that makes up the world wide web of life!

  • I want to have fun
  • I want to challenge myself
  • I want good health
  • I’m curious and questioning
  • I want to feel happier
  • I get stressed and anxious
  • I need some ‘time-out’
  • I want a better balance in my life
  • I’d like to feel more confident about getting out in nature
  • I like trying new things and exploring outdoors
  • I’m a parent who wants to get my children off their screens

You could be any or all of the above. But how brilliant it is that we can all do something today – and every day thereafter – that benefits not just ourselves in myriad ways, but also cascades down and ripples out to make a difference to the natural world that is our home.

“How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” [and ourselves!]
Anne Frank
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